Qbla is a safe place to ask questions, and to hear responses from other users, as well as from the Qbla vloggers (a community of Christian young people located around the world who respond via short videos). The heart of Qbla is for honest responses to honest questions, where young Christian vloggers share their story via 90 second videos, and these responses are shaped through an approach of ‘this is what I’ve found helpful as ive thought through the same question you’ve asked, and as I’ve read the bible and talked to God and chatted with my friends….’

Vloggers are encouraged to tell their story as they respond, rather than simply quote bible verses and ‘preach’.

Qbla is a resource for youth influencers (youth pastors, chaplains, field workers etc) around the world. In the context of an ongoing discipling relationship, a leader can encourage a young person to download the app, and post questions they are exploring to hear what others think. That leader is able to continue to support and talk through the questions with that young person.

Young people around the world will benefit through hearing from their peers – as well as from the vlogging community. Similarly, youth influencers around the world can use Qbla as a resource for them in their ministry to young people.