A better approach to creating engaging content with video.

We can all learn how to edit a sequence of clips together that reflect a message or an event. But our audience wants so much more. Let’s create engaging well though creative content to let our message stand out in the crowd.

100’s of Courses

As a digital field academy in the making – all our content is created just before it happens.

Strange as it sounds we create content just before we turn up and deliver training. That way everything is always up to date a relevant.

Mobile Production

Use your mobile phone to create video blogs and promotional videos.  


Planning holds everything together, storyboarding, shot types and lens selection.

Interview Techniques

No matter how many cameras we have we still need to work as one. So let refine our skills. 

In Camera Transitions

Let use the camera to achieve transitions that improve our ability to create a bit of wow.


Lets look at what makes and breaks good B-Roll and what so important about housekeeping.

The Saturday Show

Mobile film making, Interview Techniques & In camera transitions and editing.

DASK - Dare to Ask

The App that keeps spiritual conversations alive. Learn how to use and administer the App.

Additional Resources

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So it's not a question of "should I", It's more a question of "Why wouldn't I". The Mevo camera offers a whole bunch of features that come packed into a tiny little camera. Shooting at 4K with the ability to have 9 720HD drop zones or virtual cameras it's a vLogging...

Qbla V2.0

Qbla V2.0

Qbla is a safe place to ask questions, and to hear responses from other users, as well as from the Qbla vloggers (a community of Christian young people located around the world who respond via short videos). The heart of Qbla is for honest responses to honest...



The BibleBox is a device which enables the sharing of digital wifi Bible and discipleship resources on its own wifi network.  The BibleBox combines: a small wifi access point TPLink MR3040 (other routers running Openwrt are now being used by others including the...

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